Epic Buzz Auto
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Epic Buzz Auto

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  • autofeminized seeds
  • Yield: 500-550 g/m² • up to 250 g/plant
  • Genetics: 80% Indica
  • cycle: 8-9 weeks
  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Height: 70-100 cm • 80-120 cm
  • THC: up to 29%
  • Aromas/ flavors: cherry, sweet

Epic Buzz Auto

Are you ready to get your grow on with something epic? Dive into the world of our new autoflowering Epic Buzz Auto, where ease meets extraordinary in a cannabis strain that’s changing the game.

Epic Buzz Auto is the rad result of mixing the legendary Epic Buzz with a top-notch auto-flowering strain, making your grow journey as smooth as a laid-back beat. This strain keeps things simple, so whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, you’re in for a smooth ride.

But let’s get to the juicy part – the flavor. Imagine a blend so unique it’s like hitting up a candy shop, berry farm, and a spice market all at once. That’s right, each toke is a trip, with layers of berries, candies, and a kick of spices that’ll have your taste buds on cloud nine.

Growing Epic Buzz Auto

Forget the wait, because this beauty’s ready to roll in just 8-9 weeks from the get-go. That’s right – from seed to stash in no time, making it perfect for growers looking to get their chill on, pronto.

And for the cherry on top? Epic Buzz Auto is packing a punch with up to 30% THC, making it a heavyweight champ in the potency department. With a 70% indica dominance, get ready to ride waves of relaxation like never before.

Growing this strain is a breeze, leaving you more time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. So, if you’re looking to add some epic flavor and sky-high potency to your collection, look no further. Epic Buzz Auto is here to deliver that stellar experience you’ve been craving.

Let Epic Buzz Auto take you on a journey to the stars. It’s not just a strain; it’s your ticket to the epic side of life


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